• Transportation services. Road transport services.
    • Delivery of products in thermal barrels directly to the warehouse of the customer. Product not only has to reach the recipient, it has to be in the path minimum of time and all processes of registration and re-registration of transportation should be as convenient as it can be. This requires the usage of new technologies of work. The whole list of technologies is in our arsenal.

  • Transportation services. Organization of railway transportation.
    • For transportation process related operations of loading and unloading of goods and the supply of cars for this, the operation of cleaning cars and their inclusion in a train moving on a particular site.

  • Warm-up, loading and unloading of road bitumen.
    • A full range of services - from the reception of the tank to the draining and heating up to 160°C with the ability to deliver on asphalt plant anywhere in Ukraine.

  • A full range of petrochemistry and coke chemistry waste disposal services.
    • We consider all possible ways of cooperation.

  • Heating of petrochemicals: bitumen, fuel oil, paraffin.
  • Unloading of highly viscous products from barrels of 200 liters.
  • Re-equipment of enterprises for use of alternative types of fuel.
  • Installation of high power steam boilers and supply with coal briquettes.
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