Alternative to Road Tar – HSR Resin

A heavy sour tar trapping resin (HSR) for road construction is intended for use as a binder for the coatings of motor roads.

The resin is obtained on the base of detached benzene polymers and coal tar pitch. The resin is made in accordance with the requirements of the current TU U 322-00190443-131-98 specifications.

Physical and chemical indicators of HSR:

HSR– 3HSR– 2
Conventional viscosity, С10/3020-705-20
Water content,%, not more than55
Fractional composition, mass fraction, topping up to 170%, not more than1,51,5
Fractional composition, mass fraction, not more than topping up to 270%, not more than2020
Fractional composition, mass fraction, ot more than topping up to 300%, not more than3030
The pH of the aqueous extract, not less than66
Mass fraction of substance, soluble in water (in terms of the anhydrous product), %, not more than88

Safety requirements and environmental protection

HSR is a complex polymerized mixture, so it can not explode and burn when in contact with water and oxygen at a temperature of 100. In case of fire, a sprayed water, an air-mechanical foam or volume fire extinguishing agents should be applied. Works on the loading and unloading should be machine-operated. Any possibility of leaks of HSR during production, transportation and storage should be eliminated.

When working with the resin, protection and safeguarding equipment should be used to avoid contact with skin, mucous membranes of eyes and respiratory tract. The equipment should be sealed. Emissions to the atmosphere meet maximum permissible emission values (MPEV) of the enterprise. It is also necessary to control the content of contaminants in the atmospheric air. However, the content of toxic substances that migrate into the soil and water are not subject to control. If spilled, the contaminated area should be treated with sand or sawdust. The contaminated product should be disposed of by placing into a pit or by incineration.

Protection of soil against pollution by industrial and household waste is done in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN №42-128-4690-88.

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