Alternative to bitumen – tar compound

A coal tar compound is a tar, obtained on the basis of a coal tar and an oil fuel component.

Designed for use as a binder for motorroad coatings. The main consumers of the product are the road companies of Ukraine. Tar compound is manufactured in accordance with the TU 24.1-001900443-082-2003 requirements.

Physical and chemical indicators of tar compound:

IndicatorNorm per grade
Conventional viscosity, С10/30, С35-120
Water content, %, not more than5,0
Fractional composition, mass fraction share, %, not more than, boiled out to a temperature of: 
The softening point of the residue after removal of fraction up to 300°C, °C, not more than65
Mass fraction of phenol, %, not more than2
Mass fraction of naphthalene, %, not more than3
The pH of the aqueous extract5,5-6,5

Packaging and labeling of tar compound

Tar compound is dispatched by pouring into tank wagons that are equipped with either heating devices or heat-insulating coating, as well as into the bitumen transporters.

Safety requirements and environmental protection

Tar compound is a dangerous goods as it contains hazardous components. Tar compound is a flammable liquid, in case of fire, a sprayed water and an air-mechanical foam are applied as fire extinguishant. While storing, producing or shipping of tar compound, the fire safety precautions should be considered in accordance to the «Rules of fire safety in Ukraine». When working with the tar, protective clothing and protective equipment must be used to avoid contact of tar with skin, mucous membranes of eyes and respiratory tract. In the production, transportation and storage of tar a thorough sealing of equipment, pipelines and packaging is ensured in order to prevent leaks and spills.


We guarantee the quality of tar compound complies with the technical requirements, subject to the conditions of proper transportation and storage. The warrantable storage life of tar makes 12 months as of the date of manufacture. Upon expiration of the warranty period, before use, tar compound to be checked for its compliance with the quality requirements of technical specifications.

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