The best alternative to gas

How to find a better alternative to gas? How to start to save on fuel? Where to find an alternative? 

Many people ask themselves this question. In an unstable economy and falling welfare, most business think about savings on fuel for boilers.

The best alternative to gas for today is the fuel oil produced by the A-Power company.

Main advantages of alternative fuels:

  • High heating value: 9 260 kcal/kg (heat emission of gas: 7 500 kcal/kg)
  • Lower price compared to gas
  • Low storage temperature – 5°С (one can store fuels outdoors)
  • Production in Ukraine, so there is no dependence on the exchange rate to dollar
  • Free consultations on how to save costs
  • Shipments throughout Ukraine
  • Assistance with firing
  • Quality passport for each brand of fuel oil
  • Certification

Because of the alternative to gas, i.e. the a-power fuel oil, businesses will be able to save a lot on the costs for their boilers, increase energy efficiency and become more environmentally friendly.

Because of the use of alternative fuel oil, hundreds of companies across the country have started to save their budgets on heating.

The company's experts will provide you with a full support and professional advice on the use of fuel oil, help you to start saving up to 30% of your funds, and assist you in re-equipment of your boilers for the use of alternative fuels.

For all questions regarding the use of fuel oil please call:

+380 (50) 877-88-11  +380 (44) 561-7888

 or leave your phone – we will call you back and advise you on how to start to save costs by using alternative fuels.

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How to save money using alternative fuels?
we will help you save up to 30%!