Alternative to residual oil – the a-power fuel oil

In today's economy reducing of expenses is a natural process.  

Absolutely all businesses want to make expenses as much low as possible, and the a-power fuel oil will certainly help reduce the costs.

The Ukrainian company a-power has developed and sells several types of alternatives to residual oil.

By using our fuel oil one can significatly save costs (by 30%) which earlier were spent for heating by residual oil. Here are some specifications of our alternative fuel:

  • The congelation point is -5°С (one can store the fuel in the warehouse)
  • Combustion temperature 9 261 кJ

The a-power company – provides its Customers with comprehensive advice on the use of alternative fuels, carries out shipment of fuel to Customers, assists Customers with a professional advice on how to re-equip a businesses for the use of alternative energy.

With an alternative fuel you can economize on your budget.

The savings might be than directed for a further enterprise's development.

An overall comparison of specs and prices of alternative fuels and residual oil:

Residual oilFuel oil
Heating value (kcal/kg):9 100Heating value (kcal/kg):9 260
Congelation point (°С):+15Congelation point (°С):-5
Price in UAH:9 000Price in UAH:4700

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How to save money using alternative fuels?
we will help you save up to 30%!